I FOUND CEASAR! #planetoftheapes #unflatteringbutdontcare

I FOUND CEASAR! #planetoftheapes #unflatteringbutdontcare

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You Won't Know
Brand New - The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me
Hey hey hey! Mr. Hangman,
Go get your rope

Your daughters weren’t careful,
I fear that I am a slippery slope
Now even if I lay my head down at night
After a day I got perfectly right

She won’t know…
She won’t know…
She won’t know…

So pray little Kay, love is just God on a good day.
And you can’t blame your mother,
She’s trying not to see you as her worst mistake
And I wish that I could tell you right now (…I love you)
But it looks like I won’t be around
So you won’t know…

You won’t know…
You won’t know…
You won’t know…

So believe in me, believe them
You think I’ll let you down
Well I won’t
They can fire everything they’ve got
And when you think I’m sunk
I will float on and die
I am fine to put your gun to my life
And know I’m scared it won’t fire right

You won’t know…
You won’t know…
You won’t know…

You’re never going to feel as full as you felt
So let’s go outside and we’ll play William Tell
Take your time drawing a bead
I’ll stand as still as you need
'Cause you're so good at talking smack,
You heart attack
But you’re the apple of my eye anyway

My smiling face that’s on my head is on a silver plate.

So they say,
They say in heaven
There’s no husbands and wives
On the day that I show up
They’ll be completely out
Of their forgiveness supplies
And I cant use the telephone
To tell you that I’m dead and gone
So you won’t know

You won’t know…
You won’t know…
Yeah, You won’t know…
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Jimmy Eat World - Stay On My Side Tonight EP


- Wonder why I’m so caught off guard when we kiss.
Rather live my life in regret than do this.
What happened to the love we both knew, we both chased.
Hanging on a cigarette you need me, you burn me.
You’ll burn me -

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Favorite Marvel Heroes & Villains: (3/?) Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff)

"I’ve been thinking a lot about Life and Death during the past twelve Hours. When something surrounds and madly engulfs your entire Existence, you can’t help but give it more than just casual Consideration. Life is Fluid. Some 90 % of what we are is made up of Water. Without this precious Liquid we are nothing. We cease to exist. We’re dead. This Water’s carried around in Thinskinned Sacks. We must all be Insane to race recklessly about in World filled with so many sharp and pointed Dangers. That’s just asking for Trouble."

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bout to take the ride of my life


bout to take the ride of my life